Cambridge Military History – in Belgium!

Dear reader,

It has been a while since my last historical research posting, as you have surely seen! The reason is simple, after many years of living in Cambridgeshire, England, we have relocated to Belgium.  As any reader of history knows, Belgium’s short history from independence in 1830 through the World Wars and the Cold War, and for millenia before that, has been one of battles and warfare.  From Waterloo to Ypres, there is much to explore and write about here on the continent!  My historical explorations have already begun!

I don’t intend to change the name of the project, will continue as is so as not to lose the many readers and friends I’ve made via this site.  I’ll continue as before and look forward to sharing my research and experiences here in Belgium with you, and certainly there will be a connection to the United Kingdom throughout my future writings!


One thought on “Cambridge Military History – in Belgium!

  1. Thanks for sharing your great research with me . My sole purpose is to keep the memory of all veterans alive and to remind all Americans that our freedom is not free a very high price was paid for it.


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