Here are some helpful links to sites that explore the overall military history of Cambridge and the East of England:

English Heritage is a non-profit that maintains, preserves and protects historical sites and properties around England:

The National Trust, is a non-profit that works to preserve properties, wildlife sites, monuments and other sites of historical significance:

Medieval England, Tudor England, the Civil War and pre-Modern Cambridgeshire:

An interesting website for general history (but sadly no longer maintained or updated), in particular on locations, maps, and sites on the Tudor period is:

For World War II History:

The Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust (ABCT) works to preserve the stories and histories of airfields across the United Kingdom.  It is an excellent resource for finding disused airfields:

The 303rd Bombardment Group (Heavy) based at RAF Molesworth during World War II has an excellent collection of historical information, photographs, and personal recollections of U.S. airmen stationed in Cambridgeshire during World War II:

The 8th Air Force Historical Society Webpage has a wealth of information concerning the operations, locations, and personal histories of the men who were part of the U.S. Army Air Forces in the United Kingdom:

Of special note, near the village of Madingley is the Cambridge American Cemetery. 3,812 American airmen, soldiers, sailors, marines and merchant mariners who died in the Second World War are buried here. An additional 5,127 names of the missing are memorialized. The burials are predominately of men who were engaged in the strategic bombing of German or the Battle of the Atlantic. The cemetery is run by the American Battle Monuments Commission, their website is:

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